Big thanks to all the juniors who performed fantastically well at yesterdays event in Cleethorpes.  They were all well behaved, whilst performances in the Track & Field disciplines were amazing, resulting in a provisional 1st place ahead of Longwood by 39 points !!  Hopefully the results stand and we move joint top with Longwood with 2 meetings to go.

Attached are the provisional results – I have flagged up the 3 errors I saw which were U15G Hurdles (should be Lilli not Tillie) , U15B Shot (should be Josh not Jath) and times for the U15B 300m relay and U17G 300m relay were wrong way round.

Match 2 Divison 1

Thanks again to all the adults for your support and help with the field events.

We will now start to look at team for meeting 3 as this is not far away – Sun 18th June (Fathers Day) in Barnsley (coach will be provided again).  We will try and take into account all the factors used to date plus those that stepped down from meeting 2 in order to do more events in meeting 3 and also avoid events for people who did try but really wouldn’t want to do again.


Keighley & Craven AC Junior Coaching Team

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