The Full Marathon is 26.2 miles with 3065 feet of ascent. However,  please be aware that the half marathon is actually 14.7 miles with 1750 feet of ascent.

Date – Sunday 8th September 2024
Start Time (Full) – 09:30
Start Time (Half) – 10:30

Entries for Yorkshireman 2024 available by clicking here: Yorkshireman Entry  from 1/10/23 – NOW CLOSED. Please note that the 2020/2021/2022/2023 events sold out months in advance.

Entry Costs for 2024:

a) £22 to 31/3/24 then £25 from 1/4/24 onwards – same fee both races (free swop between events at any stage).

b) There is a £4 discount if member of Fell Runners Association (FRA) applied at entry.

c) There is a £10 discount if aged under 25 on race day applied at entry.

d) Active members of UK Mountain/Fell Rescue teams may apply to organiser via email for free place as we offer 10 free places each year as a ‘thank you’ for what your teams do.

e) There are two options for race T-shirt in 2024 and you select when entering. T-Shirts are optional and an extra cost but they are of a high standard with new design every year.

f) If you wish to add T-shirt at later date then you can edit your entry details on SI Entries and pay then. Some competitors have started ordering one of each and using short sleeve for training with long sleeve for the pub !! Please do not add T-shirt order after 1st August without checking with organiser as order numbers sent to printers around then.

  • Short sleeved race t-shirt – £8
  • Long sleeved t-shirt with 1/4 zip suitable for smart/casual – £13 ( 2023 design below which wasn’t on public sale)

Age Limits

The minimum age is as per FRA rules for events over 10km. You are eligible if you turn 19 years old by end of year in which race is held. Therefore as long as 19th birthday is prior to 31st December then you may enter.

Race Video and Past Photos

a)  Race video – 2023 – click here

b)  Race Video – 2022 – click here

c) Video of Full Marathon route – Click here for whizz round route

d) Video of Half Marathon route – Click here for whizz round half route

e) Race Photos – All years (always 2nd Sunday in September) – Woodentops Race Photos

Route Maps, GPX Files and Guides

Route maps will be available on race day for £2.50 or at reccy runs. In addition, please view route GPX files below and please join the Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon Facebook page, as useful You Tube videos will be added with all key parts of the course if you cannot recce it. Recce runs will be organised throughout July and August. See Facebook for details and emails will also be sent to all entrants

Half Marathon On Strava Routes

Full Marathon On Strava Routes

Written Instructions For Yorkshireman Full – Kindly provided by a regular competitor.

GPX Files and Route Maps (PDF) for Yorkshireman Full/Half

Feed Stations

Final details will always be as per detailed race brief sent to competitors approximately a week before race. However, it is unlikely that the information below will have anything other than minor changes at most.

Half Marathon (14.7 miles)  Feedstations – 8.2 miles and 12.3 miles. Both fully stocked with water, squash, cola, bananas, oranges, melon, chocolate bars and jelly babies.

Full Marathon Feedstations – 8.2 miles, 15.3 miles, 18.4 miles, 21.7 miles and 23.9 miles. These will be stocked as per half marathon above but there will be additional items beyond feedstation 1 which will be advised in race brief.

Early Starts and Race Cut Off Times

It has always been our aim to make the race as inclusive as possible hence we operate very generous cut offs. However, they will be strictly applied as our wonderful volunteers cannot be out forever. The FRA has also kindly given us dispensation to continue with early start times even though rules have changed in recent years. You will not be eligible for trophies/prize for winning category unless in mass start with exception of MV70 and FV70 in full marathon only.

The final race brief will have the definitive times but it is unlikely to change from as follows:

1. Full marathon – early starts from 8am to 8.45am. Feedstation 1 opens at 10am and you will be disqualified if you pass it prior to opening. This prevents anybody other than walkers and slower competitors from utilising early starts.

2. Half Marathon – early starts from 9.35am (after full starts) to 10am. However, we would expect that very few if any would utilise this as plenty of time to get round.

3. Full marathon cut offs – They are 12.45pm at feedstation 1, 1.30pm at FS2, 2.15pm at FS3, 3pm at FS4 and 3.45pm at FS5.

4. Half marathon cut offs – They are 12.45pm at feedstation 1 and 2pm at feedstation 2.

Mandatory Kit – Applies to both races

This race is run under FRA rules and minimum mandatory kit must be carried in both events. For the eagle eyed amongst you, you will have seen that under FRA categorisation, the half is a ‘BL’ category and the full is a ‘CL’. This is based on height gain by mile although they are very similar and both just fall either side of the line. Technically, this means that whilst mandatory kit has to be carried on ‘half’, we could choose to not require it on ‘full’. It just would not be right to insist on it for ‘half’ but not on ‘full’ where greater chance of needing it. Therefore as down to Race Director discretion it will always be required. Further details can be found in FRA Requirements For Runners.

Contact for Race Information

Additional information

  • Pairs category (female/male/mixed) in full marathon only.
  • Awards for all category winners
  • Chip timing for both races and live web updates when pass through feed stations and finish. Early starters all given individual time.
  • Hot/cold drinks at start/finish and hot food available at finish including vegan/gluten free options (all included within entry fee)
  • Quality specially designed T-shirt available for additional £8 short sleeved) or £13 (long sleeved smart casual) – select option at entry stage.
  • All entry fees held for 4th year in row if enter using ‘early bird’ by 31/3/24 despite costs rising significantly – The race is large fund raiser for local good causes

Reccy Runs – Summer 2024

This years reccy run schedule is set out below. For those who have not done in the past, these are very social runs on different part of the race route and we will offer at least 2 or more likely 3 pace groups through our run leaders. The slowest group will always regroup and is usually very slow although we ask that you can run all the flat/downhill sections slowly but steep uphills are walked. If you are super quick, the fast group will never be particularly quick but always very social.

Every week around 5 days before reccy, we will add reminder post on the race Facebook group.  People often use this to sort lifts particularly on Route D which is point to point.


A) Sunday 30th June – 9.30am – Route B  – 10.5 miles

B ) Sunday 7th July – 9.30am – Route C – 9.2 miles

C) Sunday 14th July – 9.30am – Route D – 10.1 miles

D) Sunday 21st July – 9.30am – Route B – 10.5 miles

E) Sunday 11th August – 9.30am – Route C – 9.2 miles

F) Wednesday 14th August – 7pm – Route E – 6.6 miles

G) Sunday 18th August – 9.30am – Route D – 10.1 miles

H) Sunday 25th August – 9.30am – Route A and B – 14.7 miles or 10.5 miles

I)  Wednesday 28th August – 7pm – Route E – 6.6 miles


Route A – Half Marathon route (inc about 10 miles of full marathon route)

Route B – Half marathon route excluding windmills loop (includes about 7.5 miles of full marathon route)

Route C – Middle section of full marathon route

Route D – Last 10 miles of full marathon route

Route E – Windmill loop of half marathon route with start/finish at Dog and Gun pub, Oxenhope.


Meet Points for reccy runs:


Routes A and B – Bottom of Haworth Main Street outside Haworth Old Hall Inn

Route C – Cold Edge Road at entrance to windmills.

Route D – Brighouse Road (new meet point due to housing development)

Route E –Dog & Gun pub, Leeming.


Waterproof race maps will be on sale at all reccy runs for £2.50.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Can my dog join me on race?  – A strict ‘no’ as this is banned by FRA and even if careful, it risks tripping or annoying other runners. However, well behaved dogs are welcome on our reccy runs.

b) Can I use poles?  – Yes, although please be careful on stiles and gates as they often get waved in air so we don’t want anybody getting hurt behind you.

c) What dietary needs do you cater for? – The feed stations will all have fruit on and some other items that are vegan/gluten free friendly. At the finish, there is freshly cooked pizza available for everybody but if you cannot eat this, please go to catering counter as there will be vegan/gluten free pasta and pasta sauce available. There will also be soya or oat milk for tea/coffee if required.

d) Can I have a refund, substitution or deferral? – Please see the clear policy below.

e) Can I start early? – Please see section above that deals with this. The FRA have kindly given us dispensation to allow this due to history and nature of race although you may be aware this has been stopped in all other races. We want to encourage people to challenge themselves and be able to finish. If the early start gives you opportunity to complete race then we would love to see you – your achievement may be more special than that of the winners. Sport is for everybody. However, please be aware that we do have cut off times and no leeway at all will be given on them. They are exceptionally generous though and if you started marathon at 8am then you could have around 9 hours to finish.

f) How do I find out about reccy runs? An email to all competitors goes out with details if you are entered by late June. However, please look at race Facebook site as they are advertised there on weekly basis. They usually run from 2nd weekend in July to near end of August. They are free and we always offer at least 3 pace groups with the slowest always regrouping so nobody left behind. We do ask that you can run flats/downhill slowly but the slowest pace group will walk the steeper hills.

Deferral, Substitutions, Refund & T-Shirt Policy

  • This race is wholly organised by small team of volunteers who give up an enormous amount of time. It is  non-commercial and any money left over goes to excellent charities and good causes.
  • Free deferrals until midnight on 31st July each year. Please email scubagary@aol.com advising if you would like to be transferred to following years Haworth Hobble in March or Yorkshireman in September. Only one deferral allowed.
  • Free substitution of entry until 18th August of your entry to anybody you choose. We do not need to know as you edit your race entry on SI Entries and use ‘substitute’ button. You will need SI Entries number of person you are transferring to.
  • No refunds under any circumstances (with sole exception of female participants who are pregnant or in year after birth. Please contact scubagary@aol.com directly as very happy to adopt flexible approach). There are various reasons why we don’t give refunds but please remember that we incur a lot of costs upfront and so much time goes into organising race by volunteers. All monies left over at end go to excellent local charities and good causes.
  • T-Shirts not collected within 10 minutes of finish of last competitor will be sold on with 100% of proceeds going to charity. People always want to buy on day so as uncollected ones become worthless day after race, we use opportunity to raise even more money for charity.

KCAC actively supports sheRACES

Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon fully supports SheRACES and we actively ensure that all guidelines are met to ensure our races are seen as amongst the most female friendly around. We already have a female participation rate over 28%  in the full which is well above average however the half marathon in 2023 had a 46% female participation rate which is exceptional. However, we always want to do more. We will always ensure equal status in results and prize giving, separate ladies toilets and availability of sanitary products at start/finish/all feed stations, generous cut off times to encourage inclusivity for all, free guided reccy runs in groups to promote safety/confidence on route, free deferral for 2 years when pregnant up to race day and ensuring all imagery/race information actively encourages participation of women.


Half Marathon

  • Male: B. Mounsey – 01:36:42 – 2009
  • Female: T. Seager – 01:48:40 – 2015

Full Marathon

  • Male: Tom Adams – Ilkley Harriers – 02:58:52 – 2023
  • Female: K. Threadgall – 03:46:55 – 2013