Saturday 8th March 2025 – 8am

Entries for 2025 Haworth Hobble will open on 1st October 2024 on SI Entries. Set the date in diary as likely to sell out quickly again.

All information below subject to minor changes prior to entry opening.

Entry fees and optional extra costs for 2025 are:

a) Entry fee is £24 until 14th October 2024 and then £29 from 15th October 2024 onwards.

b) A £4 discount will be applied to entry fee above for Fell Runner Association (FRA) members.

c) A £10 discount will be applied to any competitor aged under 25 on race day.

d) Active members of UK Mountain/Fell Rescue teams may apply to organiser via email for free place as we offer 10 free places each year as a ‘thank you’ for what your teams do.

e) T-shirts are optional and you have to opt in at entry stage. We have a reputation for good quality T-shirts and we try to keep price around cost price to us. From 2024 onwards there will be two options:

  • Short sleeved race t-shirt – £8
  • Long sleeved, 1/4 zip T-shirt suitable for smart casual – £13 (Example below from 2023 race that was not on public sale)

General Information

Start Time: 8am for mass start. Early starts available from 6.30am to 7.15am (Checkpoint 1 has opening time to prevent anything other than slowest runners/walkers using this option).

Category: BL
GPS: not allowed for navigation
Distance: 51km / 31.7m
Climb: 1340m / 4396ft
Venue: Haworth Primary School, Rawdon Road, Haworth, BD22 8DW.
Grid ref: SE 03143 37265
Skills & experience: ER, LK, NS
Minimum age: 18 (see age limits below)

32 miles traversing gritstone moors around Haworth, Todmorden and Hebden Bridge with 4,400 ft of ascent/descent. Maximum time allowed approx 11 hours (see cut offs at each checkpoint for full schedule).  This race is on edge of winter and there is expectation that you have all the skills required for navigating and looking after yourself on remote moors in potentially very wintry conditions.

This is a tough race and it is expected to go ahead in almost all conditions as if you have signed up, you have acknowledged that you have suitable skills and that you are carrying all the right gear. However, for the first time in 2023, we had to make a last minute decision and shorten the course due to heavy snow as otherwise very few people would have finished and we could not have safely looked after people who tried but failed as that would have been majority. In exceptional circumstances only, we reserve the right to reduce the race to the 21 mile bad weather course.

Age Limits

The minimum age is as per FRA rules for events over 10km. You are eligible if you turn 19 years old by end of year in which race is held. Therefore as long as 19th birthday is prior to 31st December then you may enter.

Reccy/Training Runs

There will be 4 reccy runs that we will arrange guides for and dates will be confirmed towards end of 2024. These have been very popular in last 3 years and they are always very social. We take no responsibility for anybody attending as we are simply showing you the route and our expectation is that everybody turns up with full safety kit as it is winter and you have the skills to get round. Once we establish paces, groups tend to form naturally and nobody is left behind.

Probable Dates For Hobble 2025 below:

  • Sunday 29th December 2024 and Sunday 26th January 2025 – 8.30am – Haworth to Todmorden – 18.5miles
  • Sunday 5th January 2025 and Sunday 2nd February 2025 – 9.30am – Todmorden to Haworth – 13 miles
  • There will be at least 3 separate pace groups on each (may be as many as 5).
  • A reminder email with details will be sent about a week before to all competitors and the race Facebook site is always useful place for arranging lifts/car positioning.

Kit Requirements

Full FRA mandatory kit is required and in addition you must also carry foil blanket or bivvy bag, minimum 0.5 litre of water carrying capacity and an additional long sleeved thermal base layer not to be worn at race start.

Course Information including race map, feedstation locations and cut off times

Race map and all feed station/cut off information (quality waterproof maps available for £2.50 at reccy runs or at race registration) is here 

Race Videos

2022 Race Video

2023 Race Video

2024 Race Video

Race Day Food

Whilst full details will not be confirmed until the race brief issued approximately 7 days before race, based on last few years you can expect following:

– Pre Race will have tea, coffee and squash available at no charge. Bacon sandwiches from 6am at small charge.

– During race there are 6 well stocked feed stations with all the basics of chocolate bars, bananas, melon, orange, jelly babies as well as water, squash and Cola. However feed stations 3, 4 and 5 have additional options including tea, coffee, soup, OXO and on food side hot dogs with onions, fresh filled donuts, chip butties and other surprises. We are well known for having great feedstations with exceptional volunteers.

– After the race there is tea, coffee, soft drinks along with freshly cooked hot pizza and cake.

Refunds, Deferrals and Substitutions

This is a volunteer run event and we want to be very clear about our terms and conditions as this causes us unwanted grief every year especially when we are trying to organise race in our spare time. Our entry fees are exceptionally low for an event of this size and for what you get. We can find very little that compares in UK based on what we charge.  In doing this, we are clear about our policy as follows:
– there are no refunds
– free deferrals to the following years event or the Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon are allowed until 31st January. You can only defer once.
– free substitutions processed by yourself on SI Entries are allowed until 18/2/2024.
– if you have purchased a T-shirt and it is not collected within 10 minutes of last competitor finishing, we reserve the right to sell it if we can as we often get asked by people if they can purchase on race day. When we do this 100% of proceeds go to charity. This is better than having pile of uncollected T-shirts that are in effect worthless day after race.
We understand that people will get ill, injured or have many other reasons not to do race. However, we start spending heavily on event around 6 weeks before and this is based on number of entries we have. If we allowed refunds or deferrals to a few weeks before event then entry fees would have to be substantially higher. Please respect this as so much work goes into organising event by volunteers so people asking for refunds on night before event is not helpful (and it happens!).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Use Poles? – Yes, although please be careful.
  2. Can my dog run with me? – No, this is against FRA rules and can trip other competitors.
  3. How do I learn the route? – We organise reccy runs in December, January and February. Emails are sent to all entrants.
  4. How tough is the route? – Whilst much of route is runnable, other than a few short road sections, it is mostly trails and fells. There are some very exposed remote fells which can be very challenging in bad weather which is why we expect you to have sufficient skills for the race and to carry all mandatory gear as an absolute minimum. At the front end we have some of the UK’s top off road runners however we also have people who walk the whole route and have a brilliant time in doing so.
  5. Can I run as a pair? – Yes, this started off as a pairs race and we always have a large entry of mixed, male and female pairs. We also have a non-binary category for individuals/pairs.

    Race Organiser and Contact Details

    Gary Chapman 

    Facebook group – This group has so much information regarding to race especially around time of reccy runs or leading up to race.

KCAC actively supports sheRACES

Haworth Hobble fully supports SheRACES and we actively ensure that all guidelines are met to ensure our races are seen as amongst the most female friendly around. We already have a female participation rate over 30% which is well above average but we always want to do more. We will always ensure equal status in results and prizegiving, separate ladies toilets and availability of sanitary products at start/finish/all feed stations, generous cut off times to encourage inclusivity for all, free guided reccy runs in groups to promote safety/confidence on route, free deferral for 2 years when pregnant up to race day and ensuring all imagery/race information actively encourages participation of women.