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As well as getting you running, helping you improve and encouraging you in new challenges, KCAC also organise and assist with many races which requires considerable people power. Many of you already help out regularly but it would be great if more members could volunteer. Depending on the size of the event  you might be needed for anything from an hour to half a day , grab a friend and do it together. Jobs mainly involve marshalling (directing runners the right way), but also marking out route, leading reccies,  helping at registration , timing, baking cakes, serving teas and  generally cheering on ! We are also looking for people willing to train up as road marshalls in particular.

It’s a  great way to be part of your club, meet new people and has even known to be fun!

See below for dates and try to keep one free to volunteer. We would be especially grateful if you can help with the events in bold.

 Equally, if you haven’t tried a fell run before some of these short ,local ones are a great way to start. Please contact Emma 07888657297 or Lorna 07849773999 with any questions and let us know if / when you can help.


Club Events 2018

 Haworth Hobble                    10/03/2018      fell 31.7m                    Haworth

 Keighley 10k                          11/03/2018      road                            Keighley

Rivock Edge                           18/03/2018      fell 6.8m                      Silsden

Lothersdale                             02/05/2018      fell 3.6m                      Lothersdale

Kildwick                                 16/05/2018      fell 3.7m                      Kildwick

Malham Fell Race                  19/05/2018      Fell           Malham

Ingleton Waterfalls                  31/05/2018      trail 4.7m                     Ingleton

Full Bronte                            07/06/2018      road race 5m              Haworth

 Rob Shepherd’s Stirton           04/07/2018      fell 5.6m                    Skipton

Oakworth Haul                       07/07/2018      fell 5.6m                      Oakworth

Oxenhope Fell Race               14/07/2018      fell 3m                         Oxenhope

Yorkshireman                        09/09/2018      fell half /full               Haworth

 Beefy’s nab                              16/09/2018      fell race 3miles,           Oxenhope

Fallfest                                    22/09/2018      fell race 4.9m              Glusburn

Bronte Way                           28/10/2018      fell race 7.5 m,           Wycoller-Haworth

 Bradford City Runs              28/10/2018?    road 5k/10k/13.1m   Bradford

 Gathering Winter Fools        15/12/2018      relay                            Keighley

Giants Tooth                           01/01/2019      fell 3m                         Causeway Foot Inn



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  • Rachel Posted 30th January 2018 5:25 pm

    Hello, I know I’ve been away from the club for a while but also available to help out

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