Last of the Extreme races for 2017:


Sam Downey 3:01:10 (Joint Extreme Champion)

J.P Hopkinson 3:11:20 (Joint Extreme Champion)

Angela Paxton 3:25:57

Dave Copping 3:32:34

Nick Dewell 3:47:35

Hilary Barber 3:51:07

Ian Rodgers 3:58:25

Tim Thom 4:06:56

Alan Turner 4:22;55

Sarah Bagley 4:23:13

Anand Raval 4:28:22

Catherine Mercer 4:48:00


Well done everyone who ran, brilliant to see some new face tackling and completing this extreme race.

Congratulations to Sam Downey on being our Joint Extreme Champion.

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