Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) – King’s Arms, Silsden: 7pm on Monday 29 January, 2024.

The AGM is for all current members: please come along to hear updates on what’s happening and to have your say on issues affecting the Club. The time and location for this year’s meeting is similar to 2023, which proved popular with members. The AGM Agenda is below – if you want to raise any additional item/s please email by 22 January – these will be taken at the end of the meeting under Any Other Business. If you can let us know you’re intending to come that would be good – we’ll aim to email you the draft AGM Minutes and Accounts for 2023 in advance. It will also help to have an idea of numbers as, like last year, some food will be provided (pizza). But you’ll be welcome if you just come along on the evening.  


  1. Introduction by Club Secretary, with apologies for absence
  2. Approval of Minutes for AGM January 2023; any matters arising
  3. Finance report
  4. Proposed membership fees, 2024/25
  5. Charities and Community report
  6. Committee members and election of officers
  7. Junior reports
  8. Women’s report, and Club Championships 2024
  9. Men’s reports
  10. Social report
  11. Any other business

The current Club Committee members and their responsibilities are:

Juniors – Andrew Jackson, Tony Booth (with Sue Straw)

Women’s captain – Lorna Hubbard

Men’s captains – Nick Walker (off-road), Callum James (road)

Membership – Richard Butter

Child protection and welfare – Ian Lewis, Camille Askins

Treasurer – Ian Smith (with Keith Waddingham)

Charities/community outreach – Helen Cawkwell (with David Seaward)

Social – Vic & Lorraine Bamford

Secretary – Richard Hindle

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