The first Junior Club Track Champs races of the season will take place over 2 weeks as follows;

Thursday 15th June – U9s – U12s

Thursday 22nd June – U13s – U17s

Attached is a breakdown of the races and the juniors in each.  Please take a look and check if your child allocated into the correct age group.  In order to get through all the races, we need to start promptly at 6:30pm, especially on 15th June due to the number of our younger juniors.

2017 400+ 800m Club Champs v2

Registration will be with Pin / Jo / Mark on the evening where each child will be given a race number (as per the spreadsheet) and then allocated a junior coach to look after that group both pre & post race.  Please just pay your weekly subs as normal at the front desk.

This is one of our medal meetings and will be provided to the first 3 in each age category (i.e. if 2 races per age then it is the top 3 from the combined races).

It can get very hectic on these nights and we do ask for some parent volunteers on the night to create the finishing tunnel to ensure the children are kept in order and given the correct time.

To pre-empt a common question, unfortunately if your child is unable to make that particular night then they are not able to swop or run separately on another night as we just have too many juniors to accommodate that.  What we have tried to do is split the junior training night races between the Tuesday & Thursdays so that gives people opportunity to compete in enough qualifiers.

If you have any other queries then please get in touch with Pin, Jo or Mark (preferably before race night !)

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