As you all know, its the junior club 400/800 champ races next Thursday evening. All children who are members of the club are eligiblle to compete irrespective of which evening they train on or group they are in.  Please arrive in good time to get your children registered. Races will start at 6.30 p.m. prompt

There will  no specific training on the evening, but we need lots of volunteers on the evening to help with registration, warm ups, keeping children occupied, marshalling children at the start, marshalling in the finish funnel and general support with the children on the evening. It would be great if the older athletes could help out with the younger children.
This will be the largest number of KCAC juniors in a club event and we want to encourage all children to compete and for you as parents to come along to provide help and support your children on the evening.
The current order of events (subject to change on evening):-
u8 boys 400m – number of races to be decided on evening
u8 girls 400m – number of races to be decided on evening
u10 boys 800m – 2 races
u10 girls 800m – 2 races
u13/u12 boys 800m – 2 races
u13/u12 girls 800m – 2 races
u15/17 boys 800m – 1 race
u15/17 girls 800m – 1 race
High level plan for the evening
1. All juniors to sign in as normal at the front desk and pay subs
2. Juniors to register for their race on the desk which will be outside (assume its not raining) next to the long jump pit
3. Aim to start at 6.30 prompt and try to get through the races as quick as we can
This should be a great evening giving all the juniors the chance to race and have some fun together as a whole team.
The KCAC Junior Coaching Team

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