HELP NEEDED!                             

Dear members, Please can you volunteer to help out at one of these club organised events/ones we’ve been asked to help out with this year. Remember there are no races without helpers! It’s a great way to give something back to the club and it can even be fun! Varied jobs available, no experience necessary, please speak to Lorna Hubbard or Emma Dooks.

A big thank you to all those who stepped up last year, much appreciated.

Take your pick from :

Northern Cross country                                  Sat 26/01/2019

National Cross country                                   Sat 23/02/2019

Haworth Hobble                                             Sat 09/03/2019

Bradford 10k Epilepsy Action                          Sun 17/03/2019

Keighley 10k/5K                                              Sun 31/03/2019

Lothersdale Fell Race                                      Wed 01/05/2019

Kildwick Fell race                                            Wed 15/05/2019

Ingleton Waterfalls                                         Thu 30/05/2019

Full Bronte                                                      Thu 06/06/2019

Rob Shepherd Stirton Fell race                       Wed 03/07/2019

Oakworth Haul                                                Sat 06/07/2019

Oxenhope Fell race                                         Sat 20/07/2019

Yorkshireman                                                  Sun 08/09/2019

Beefy’s Nab                                                     Sun 15/09/2019

Fallfest                                                            Sun 28/09/2019

Bronte Way                                                     Sun 27/10/2019

Bradford City runs                                           Sun 27/10/2019

Gathering Winter Fools                                   Sat 14/12/2019

Giants Tooth                                                    Wed 01/01/2020!

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