Here is a short summary of the do’s and don’ts when recceing routes and racing in the countryside.

Please follow the Countryside Code

Open Access

The Countryside Rights of Way Act (CRoW) allows access to all areas mapped as Access Land. This is usually mountain and Moorland and is clearly marked on Ordinance Survey 1:25000 maps. Local restrictions do apply to some areas of CRoW land and these are not mapped on OS. Please check for any local restrictions including seasonal closures, access with dogs etc. The following link will allow you to search for specific areas of open access land and any local restrictions:

Use Stiles, Gates and Public Footpaths.

Try to plan race/training routes using official access points. Legal right of access applies to open access land even if there are no gates or stiles but consider carefully before crossing walls or fences, and avoid any damage to these, we need to maintain good relations with farmers and landowners.


Dogs must be kept on a short lead during the nesting bird season (1st March  – 31st July) and in some areas during the over-wintering season (1st September – 1st March). Dogs must be under close control at all times. Check the open access website for any additional dog restrictions.


Avoid smoking or using any open flame, the summer of 2018 demonstrated how quickly upland fires can spread, moorland habitats can take several decades to recover from fire, not to mention the risk to people and livestock.

Designated Sites

Some areas are awarded special protection for their unique habitats and/or wildlife. These will not be displayed on Ordinance Survey and are rarely signposted on site. Please stay on designated footpaths and public rights of way to avoid damage to flora and fauna. Many race routes that cross designated sites will have required special permissions from the governing bodies, these permissions can be rescinded if access rules are not adhered to.  Please check for any instructions from race organisers.


Anyone doing the 65th 3 Peaks Race, please follow the instructions on the race website about training route variations

There is currently a dog restriction over Wadsworth and Widop Moor for anyone doing the Haworth Hobble file:///C:/Users/m303623/Downloads/2014127485%20(1).pdf


Information about 2019  Junior club champs

The following races are all within statutory designated sites for nature conservation and special permits have been secured, please adhere to the race route or public footpaths only.

Ilkley Moor Fell Race There is a strict no smoking policy for participants, spectators and organisers

Kong Kettlewell Kaper The under 9 route is wholly within private land which will not be accessible until race day.

Coiners There is a strict no smoking policy anywhere near the race routes to prevent moorland fires.


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