A huge well done to all our 42 Junior Scholars who have worked so hard over the past 12 months to achieve their Scholarship targets.

The Scholarship Programme continues to go from strength to strength every year and is a clear differentiator for K&CAC.

Congratulations to all 42 Juniors and also all the coaches who have helped and supported their development which is echoed in their fantastic performances and superb attitudes.

K&CAC Junior Athlete 2016 Target Status Achieved K&CAC Junior Athlete 2016 Target Status Achieved
Lilli Carr Elite Emma Lloyd Advanced
Finlay Whitehead Elite Fergus Knappy Advanced
Angelina Bairstow Elite Emma Peel Advanced
Arthur Peel Elite Charlie McManus Advanced
Eve Crossley Elite Niamh Conroy Advanced
Sebastienna Bairstow Elite Eric Beaumont Advanced
Sam Benson Elite Scarlett Metcalfe Advanced
Beth Roberts Elite Lucas Stabler Advanced
Mia Petrucci Elite Dominic Kirton Advanced
Jake Thompson Elite Maisy McManus Advanced
Sam Conroy Elite Ellie Bamfield Advanced
Hannah Jackson Elite Laurie Petrucci Junior
Harisah Ghafoor Elite Tegan Knappy Junior
Jacob Midgeley Elite Emma Thompson Junior
Addison Willis Elite Daisy Dimitrijevic Junior
Donnabhan Rudden Elite Alana Willis Junior
Jath Lee Elite Tillie Bamfield Junior
Aryaan Ghafoor Elite Imogen Race Junior
Luke Meikle Elite T-Jay Wilson Junior
Sam Headley Elite Lilyana Dillion-Downey Junior
Andrew Robinson Elite
Charlotte Bostock Elite

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