Dear All

We are aiming to launch the 2016 Bradford City Runs in City Park next Monday, 3rd October at 6.00pm.  The launch will involve an informal and steady (and optional!) 5K jog around the exciting new City Runs lap (on pavements and as a group) with lots of pauses for catch up en route and indeed the chance to have a social catch up afterwards.  There will also be photos and tweeting, etc to promote the City Runs for 2016, which are due to take place on Sunday 30th October (see

Monday 3rd October also markes the start of Women’s Sport Week ( so there is a special (but not exclusive) invitation for girls and women of all ages and standards to come along.

The RunBradford initiative has already set up a number of running groups across the district, with more in the pipeline, and a Bradford and District Running Guide will be issued shortly.  So we hope to get as many of the run groups as possible down on Monday 3rd, as well as runners from local clubs in Bradford Athletics Networks and other Active Bradford organisations and indeed anyone who fancies a run!

This communal running also marks the development of the “RunTogether” initiative (which will replace RunEngland) which accentuates the social and mutually supportive aspects of running, whatever your standard.  We can also see two of Bradford’s four GreenLine Mile routes!

Please circulate this invitation around your networks and we look forward to seeing plenty of folk down in City Park next Monday evening!  Long range weather forecast is good!

Best wishes,


John Dennis

Bradford Athletics Network

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