Keighley & Craven Athletic Club
Minutes of Annual General Meeting
held at University Academy Keighley (UAK) on 2nd February 2017 at 8pm
Meeting Chair and Secretary – Chris Tomes (CT)
Note, these minutes are not a verbatim record of the meeting, but are intended to reflect the nature
of the meeting and discussion. Figures given here are approximate – please refer to individual
reports. If no specific action was assigned, then the KCAC committee will take the points raised to
be dealt with at committee meetings.

No Topic Who When
1 Apologies were received from Emma Dooks, and JP Hopkinson
2 The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted as an accurate record All
3 Matters arising from the previous AGM – none were raised
4 Finance report    
4.1 Ian Smith (IS) presented the receipts and payments account and assets account for 2016. He walked through the figures, explaining what had changed since 2015.
4.2 It was clarified that administration costs included development of the new website.
4.3 It was noted that there was a close match in 2016 between receipts and payments – this demonstrates that a) the club is solvent and b) the club is spending money to give the members value for membership.
4.4 It was noted that increases in affiliation fees had been paid by the club without increasing membership costs.
5 Chairperson’s report    
5.1 John Dennis (JD) provided an update to those present on Pete McDermott who has recently had a heart bypass operation.
5.2 JD reported that it has been a good year for KCAC and he thanked the many people who had contributed so much to the clubs success.  There are changes in the structure of sport both regionally and nationally, however we can look forward to some stability for UAK, as it has recently been agreed that the University of Bradford will resume sponsorship of the academy.

JD summarised the club’s objectives as helping athletes at alllevels to achieve their goals.

5.3 A healthy surplus has been generated in previous years to club funds.  Ideas for spending this for the benefit of members are being sought.  The number of social events organised by and subsidised by the club have been much appreciated.
5.4 JD made a reminder to all UAK users with vehicles to use the top entrance to the car park, as requested by UAK.
5.5 It was noted that England Athletics (EA) is having to cope with reductions in funding from Sport England.  JD is challenging the value that the club gets from EA.
6 Election of officers    
6.1 CT reported that all existing committee members have stated their willingness to continue in their current roles.  Members were asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to take a role on the committee.  There being no additional volunteers, the existing officers will continue in post for another year.
7 Proposed membership subscriptions    
7.1 Jill Bell (JB) reported that subscriptions to EA are increasing in 2017, however the club intends to absorb this increase for a year.  The current level of subscriptions is proposed to remain the same.  This was supported by those present.
7.2 JB thanked the many people who had renewed their subscriptions online as this has greatly reduced administration.
7.3 JB reported that 234 adults and 293 children are members at present.  There has been no recruitment drive in 2016.  There was a brief discussion about an objective to attract more members in 2017 including faster senior men and women.
8 UAK session charges and discounts    
8.1 JD announced that there were no plans to change the current charges.
9 Juniors report    
9.1 Scott Bairstow  (SB) reported an increase in strength in Junior membership.  Junior training can now draw upon 23 qualified coaches and 20+ adult helpers and this has helped to reduce overdependence on a few individuals.  There is a structured programme of activities and training.
9.2 SB reported successes at the Junior level including three England vests in 2016, winning the Junior English fell champs a second time, moving from Division 2 to Division 1 in track & field.
9.3 SB said that it had been useful to have the earmarked Junior budget and this has been spent well on kit, coaches to events, the presentation evening and an injury prevention clinic.
9.4 There are plans for further development in 2017, including possible training camps, strength and conditioning training and helping Juniors to transition into the senior ranks.
9.5 Thanks were made to SB and Janet Arwright (JA) for their leadership and action throughout 2016.
10 Women’s report    
10.1 Tizz Woffenden (TW) gave a verbal report on Women’s achievements in 2016.  There has been steady development within the “Ready to Run” group.  More than 50 women have participated in Club road championship events and 8 have participated in the fell championships.
10.2 In team events there has been great participation in both women’s and mixed teams.  KCAC women were placed second in the Yorkshire vets cross country championships.
10.3 TW stated some aims for KCAC women in 2017, including helping women to progress into higher groups, promoting collaboration between the men’s and women’s teams, and increasing participation in club championship events.
11 Men’s report    
11.1 John Conroy (JC) gave a verbal report on achievements by KCAC men.  These included team entries in key relay events such as 12-stage northern and national events, and northern and national cross country championships.  At present KCAC is often achieving mid-table performance, often better than larger clubs.
11.2 KCAC men were placed 20th out of 100 teams in the Calderway Way relay, and were 2nd overall and 1st vets team in the Millennium Way relay.
11.3 JC agreed with TW about collaboration between men’s and women’s teams and said that strong mixed teams could be entered if this would give KCAC the best success.
11.4 Objectives for 2017 included building on structured training for senior men, increasing strength in the 20-30 age group and increasing participation in key events.
11.5 Appreciation was noted to both JC and TW for their captaincies.
12 Club “do” 4th March    
12.1 Tracey Hodgson (TH) reminded members about the forthcoming celebration at Branshaw Golf Club.  The event is subsidised and the £5 entry is being used to cover food costs only.
13 Other business    
There being no other business the meeting closed at 9pm.

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