Well done all

1 mile time trial results below from 2/1/18 and 23/1/18

Here is a useful resource to help calculate your training times, it’s not definitive but it’s a reasonable guide for example It’s interesting to compare a recent 10k race with your mile results and the difference in training zones should only be a few % (providing you performed to a similar level at both)

Enter the mile distance and your time. Of course you can use another recent race but it’s best used with a road race


Matt Warters – 5.18
Ian Willis – 5.16
Lukas Lee – 5.33
Pete Lloyd – 5.34  5.30
Aaron Stack – 5.32
Russ Aydon- butler – 5.54
Carl Hitchens – 6.07
Paul Crabtree – 6.04  5.59
Dave Evans – 5.59
Katie Attherton – 6.42
Simon Chester – 7.49
Sam overend – 5.59
Sharon hudson – 7.03
Steff kitson – 7.57
Sarah O’Sullivan 5.47
Amanda sterling 6.28
Matt house 6.55
Simon wheeler 6.32
Gary Ward 5.51
John Conroy 5.46
Russ Aydon-Butler 5.46
Nick Dewell 6.17
Lorna Hubbard  6.16

If anyone wants to record a mile at another date let me know and we can do a mop up We will plan a re test in spring (training plan is work in progress)

If I’ve missed you or got your time wrong I apologize

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